A Google Ads PPC Management Service that focuses on what really matters

Google Ads is a paid advertising method that only charges when someone engages with one of your ads and clicks through to your website. It is the fastest way to reach customers who are looking for exactly what you’re selling. We want to help you manage a highly profitable and successful campaign, building your business through this lucrative method of online advertising and reaping all the benefits it has to offer.

Not all campaigns are created equally and that’s where we’re confident we have the skillsets and tools to work hand-in-hand with you to achieve exactly what you need.

Our Google Ads campaigns not only sell your products directly to those who need them but they also offer additional opportunities to engage with your visitors. By providing the correct type of content you can encourage everyone to share, link and promote your business for you. And why shouldn’t you? Strong marketing is about utilising every opportunity to promote yourself after all.

Our ad campaigns deliver a presence not only in search engines but over YouTube and all of Google’s ever increasing network of associated market sites, and as we create fresh traffic, and of course those all important new sales.

Search Ads

Whenever we search for the things we want or need we go directly to the search engines and that’s why it’s so important that your business has a visible presence there, at your customer’s first point of call. Showing ads at the top of the page, above the organic result listings is so important in generating the improved traffic your website needs to make additional conversions into sales.

Your paid search ads are an important step into structuring your Google Ads campaign, making sure they operate as efficiently as possible and building towards a complete PPC system that will encourage traffic and sales to complement techniques we’ll deploy over your other chosen channels.

Display Advertising

Google doesn’t stop at placing adverts in its search engine results. It holds an extensive network of advertisers just waiting to show your ads. You decide which ad placements are appropriate to your business.

Display ads re-enforce or introduce your brand in new appropriate arenas; they deploy your product and service information by location, interest, age, gender and more. Your business’ ads will be strategically placed in front of the very people who are relevant to your product.


You must be aware of those adverts that continually appear throughout your web browsing that are showing exactly the product you’ve been looking for previously? They don’t appear by chance. Marketing data has shown that we don’t always buy on our first visit yet by presenting constant reminders and additional purchasing opportunities ‘remarketing’ will eventually win those sales.

By tracking each different display advertising website’s user behaviour and that of the users clicking through your own adverts and around your website, this mass of data is used to follow calculated potential customers and present them with what they’re missing out on and how to buy it!


If you operate an ecommerce website you don’t have to rely on driving traffic to your website to get customers to view your products. Google’s Shopping Ads work the opposite way around by presenting your products directly in searches and sending that traffic to your website to complete the sale.

It gives you a chance to promote your items in direct comparison to your competition, telling potential customers all the benefits they will receive by choosing to buy from you, helping improve your brand strength and market visibility.We will target sales and ROI by improving the click through rate and cost per acquisition goals.


YouTube offers ad placements to possible new customers directly in line with your market and presents billions of ad opportunities every day. Google has made it clear that video ad campaigns are one of the biggest growth areas in its online marketing and are proving to be an increasingly valuable way to reach customers by offering a greater insight into your product.

Video ads aren’t only presented on YouTube but also through many of the display advertising positions.

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Every business is different and by exactly the same reasoning so is every campaign we build.

What you really need from Google Ads

There’s so much talk thrown about the business world into how you should market and advertise your products and services, and what each of the many methods can do for you, but should that really be your concern? You’re in the business of running a business — so what should really be your number one goal?


You want to make sales and increase profit. That’s where Google Ads is king. Not only does it reach out directly to the people searching for your products and services it gives you the ability to promote exactly what they need in a way they won’t want to resist.

Even better than that, it offers the means to continually test and develop your ads to find out which are your best performers; those that are driving the correct traffic to your website and creating the sales you’re striving for.


Google Ads has a wealth of tools available which will show exactly where your ROI is highest and we can create goals from every scrap of data available to make sure we repeat those patterns over and over. Not only that but with continuous testing you can consistently improve on your returns the longer the process continues. A continuing growth plan is more than achievable with Google Ads.

Understanding Google Ads

The Internet is a minefield of information and knowing who or what streams of information to believe can be very confusing. That’s why we want to outline how your personal plan, created specifically for you and your business, is going to work. We will outline each of the channels we believe to be most beneficial to you, how they function, and how they’re going to create sales from their exposure and from the additional traffic they produce.

We understand the importance of real relationships in business and that’s why our managers will provide complete transparency by explaining everything we do every step of the way.

Understanding our process

Every business is different and by exactly the same reasoning so is every campaign we build.

We will take the time to understand your market, your products and services, what are the best ways to promote you and where, how to achieve the targets we desire, and be assured, it will be a ‘we’ because once we engage with you, your returns and sales will be just as important to our success as yours.

That’s why we’ll continue to optimise campaign structures and quality scores, we’ll track where your best audience comes from, strengthen the quality and performance of your best ads and minimise or update the weaker ads that aren’t creating the results we need.

Throughout the process we’ll keep you aware of each extension we test and of their results, the performance of your landing pages and how to boost those that aren’t functioning as they should, how we’ll use the full range of keywords for both positive targeting of traffic and sales and negative behaviours to avoid wasting your spend. Above all we’ll constantly track the Cost Per Acquisition data to improve your conversion rate to keep making new sales.