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Google AdWords Setup & Management Service

Potential customers are already searching for services that your company provides—but whether or not they are able to find your website, comes down to the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign. With Google AdWords, your website is guaranteed optimal search engine visibility—reserving the prime internet real estate at the top of a Google search.

At RFK Solutions, we offer a comprehensive Google AdWords setup and management service, allowing you to capitalise on your investment. Our mission is to keep your company on the cutting edge, applying our expert insight to help your website stay ahead of the competition.

Our Google AdWords specialist is up to date on the latest digital strategies that can help you develop a winning AdWords campaign. Some of the things we offer with this service include:

  • Unique campaigns
  • Extensions
  • Local SEO targeting
  • Scheduling
  • Search & Display
  • Keyword research and targeting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Google Analytics sync
  • And more!

With the right strategies and Google AdWords management, your campaign can take your website to the next level with greater visibility that translates into sales.

What is Google AdWords?


If you’re not looking closely, it is easy to overlook the fact that the first couple results on Google have a little icon next to them that says “Ad”.  These results, which usually appear at the top of the page or in the sidebar, are utilising a Google advertisement service called AdWords.

AdWords is a pay per click (PPC) advertisement service, which means you only pay when an internet searcher clicks on your website. Google AdWords has been shown to be an effective way to engage an online target audience, allowing you to create custom adverts based on relevant keyword searches.  

How Google AdWords Can Help Your Business

Countless studies show that internet users seldom scroll to the bottom of the first page of a Google search, let alone make it to the second or third pages. With so many companies competing to make it to the top of the SEO totem pole, it’s easy to get buried under a mass of information overload.

With Google AdWords, however, your website can skip to the top of the results page, benefiting from the leading visibility amongst the top result spots that are exclusively reserved for AdWords.

Some of the ways AdWords can benefit your business include:

  • Greater visibility
  • Increase digital traffic
  • Engage your target audience, locally or globally
  • Timely marketing
  • Stay ahead of the competition

As Google AdWords continues to take up a significant portion of the first page of results, this digital marketing investment can provide a huge ROI.


Google AdWords FAQ

+click here to expand What does it mean that AdWords is a PPC service?

Unlike other marketing strategies that cost you money whether or not they actually work, AdWords is a PPC (pay per click) service, which means that they only charge you when customers click on your site. This can be beneficial because your website could still build brand awareness for free through impression even if customers don’t click.

+click here to expandAre there any contracts with AdWords?

No! You can choose to start or stop an AdWords campaign whenever you’d like.

+click here to expandCan you change your budget/edit your advertisement with Google AdWords?

Yes, with Google AdWords you can adjust your budget and edit advertisements whenever needed to meet new marketing goals.


+click here to expandWill your service schedule ads for me?

When you choose our Google AdWords management service, we can handle every aspect of your AdWords campaign from drafting the copy, integrating the proper keywords for the best quality score, scheduling your ads to reach your target audience, and provide your with analytic information and actionable data.

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