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Here at RFK we’re proud to say we’re constantly driven by our results. Our methodology keeps providing the rewards that our clients demand and the only way we know how to sustain those outcomes is to keep putting in the work. That’s what works for us and we’re confident when we say that we’re here to make it work for you too.

Getting you to the top of the search engines is only part of the battle; making sure you’re being found by the right people, those who are looking for exactly what you’re selling, is the other. We’re here to provide high rankings that will generate increased traffic and create real leads into the sales that will keep your business thriving.

It’s only by putting in the work, by keeping up-to-date with Google’s updates and the latest search engine techniques, that we can confidently say that we’re here to provide the SEO marketing service your business needs.

Research & Analysis

Understanding you, your market, your customers and their behaviours are the first steps into understanding the what, which and how to of choosing the most gainful keywords to implement in your SEO strategy.

Technical & Onsite SEO

Website optimisation is the foothold of your new campaign and where all the subsequent work, searches and traffic will be aimed back to. It’s imperative that we get this right from the start, and that’s why we make it our number one priority at the beginning of all our campaigns.

Link Building

Link building is still one of the most important off-site factors of how well a website can rank. Only by committing to this area fully and wholeheartedly can we create the strongest SEO marketing to develop your ranking for each of the areas of expertise your business has to offer.

Tracking & CRO

Data is our best friend. The results we gather from each of our processes will define how we develop and grow the strongest performers in your SEO marketing. Tracking and reporting gives us, and you, a constant overview of where we came from, where we’ve been, and exactly where we should be heading.

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So what factors of SEO do we focus on?

Research & Analysis

We know that marketing a business is a complicated process and just how important it is to understand your specific market. That’s why our work with you starts from our very first conversation.

Before we begin any of our technical operations we need to understand who your customers are, how they search for your products, where they’re hanging out online, who your direct competition is and how they’re operating behaviours are working (or not working) for them too. It’s only when we’ve gathered all of the data we need that we can start to formulate a bespoke strategy especially for you in what it will take to compete in your market and win you the traffic, the leads and the sales you need.

Not all keywords are created equal, so it’s vital that we know which are the optimum selections for your best searches and how to use them for the most favourable outcomes. We investigate how each keyword or phrase operates throughout your searches and how they perform for the top websites in your market too.

We use a selection of premium keyword research tools, such as Ahrefs and Semrush in order to gather the essential information to help us decide what will and won’t provide lucrative results and the work we’ll have to undertake in order to make them happen. The content we will create for your website and your outreach will be carefully constructed from all the information and data we’ve gathered from our many resources. This will boost your website’s visibility, making it a formidable destination for those searching for your product.

Technical & Onsite SEO

Your websites technical and on-site elements are almost always our first port of call in the creation of a new SEO campaign. We carry out a full audit to determine how efficient your website currently operates inline with both the content and technical operation that effects your search engine visibility and ranking.

Using leading industry tools (Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, etc.) we can determine the weaker aspects of your technical and on-site SEO and create an action plan to put them straight. Setting off on the right foot can make a huge difference to every campaign so it’s imperative that we fix or change any elements that are causing issues found within your website.

Understanding what search engines rate as the healthy operation of an SEO friendly website provides us with the guidelines to make sure you’re operating at a level to deliver the best possible outcomes. We need to be sure that all of our further work in your SEO and online marketing won’t be impeded by something that should have been addressed at the beginning of the process. It would be as futile as driving your car with the brakes on.

Analysing your website can reveal broken links, incorrect redirects, duplicate content and keyword cannibalisation issues; all of which affect your SEO ranking.

We will then consider other aspects of your site by examining meta-data issues, URL structure, SSL behaviours, page title optimisation for both keywords and click through rates, setting up heading tags, and then finally we will make sure your website has an appropriate amount of well-written, keyword rich and suitable content to embark fully into the next part of your SEO strategy.

Link Building

Link building is a key element in developing your off-site SEO. In order to increase your website ranking, authority and visibility you will almost certainly need to be continuously developing new links. This is a huge part of any SEO campaign and in order to offer the highest level of service we deploy a wide range of techniques designed to grow your link building opportunities.

Our content marketing will focus on outreach and guest posting to feature your business in relevant areas of the Internet.  For local SEO clients we can also work on citation building and map and GMB optimisation.

Wherever we post, we will always create high quality content and only consider genuine worthwhile links. We understand that your business reputation and brand relies on just that to maintain its integrity. We will never consider using improper techniques or practices that will bring your business into disrepute.

Our research and analysis into your competition’s link strengths and strategies also help guide us into additional avenues of exploration. We will regularly research the top ten sites that continue to hold first page rankings throughout your campaign’s searches and investigate their most worthwhile link areas to make acquisitions of our own in the exact areas already proven to be so successful.

Tracking & CRO

SEO marketing is only as good as the results it generates. Without the ability to track exactly what we are achieving from our campaigns then we wouldn’t be doing much more than blindly stumbling through the dark, crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.

Each day we track keyword and traffic rankings in order to monitor which parts of our campaigns are the strongest in order to replicate them. We also pay close attention to lesser performing areas in order to fix what might not be achieving the required goals or to make the decision to concentrate that time allocation on something that will.

We’ve been developing our techniques into monitoring conversion rate optimisation. This is an area we believe to be one of the most important to our clients – after all, these are the areas associated to sales and profits. Whether capturing leads to develop or processing payments this measurable data is crucial in understanding where specific traffic is coming from, what your ideal customer looks like, and how to attract more of them.

We have on-site tracking techniques available to detect customer behaviour on your own website too. These heatmaps can detect areas where visitors struggle to find what they need or prevent them from finding the easiest route through your sales funnel. Diagnosing problematic areas can be the healthy step into removing stumbling blocks between you and your customer’s wallet.

We only achieve the first-rate results our clients need by utilising a concise and proven plan and through the continual development of our campaigns. We can only provide that level of growth by tracking everything we do, from measuring each of our outcomes, and from all of our data sources.

We gather this mass of information into monthly reports, so you can see where your growth in rank, traffic, conversions and profit are coming from, how they’re developing and which areas should be the most favourable to expand into as we continue to move your campaign forward.